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First Federal Bank of Kansas City has been helping home buyers like you since 1934.  Here are recent testimonials from some of our satisifed customers.

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Lee McLain was great! He was always available to answer my questions. 
- Gabrielle L. | June, 2017

Robert Fitzgerald was accommodating to our schedules and met us at locations convenient for us.
- Brian F. | June, 2017

All employees were very professional in their treatment of my wife and I.
- John R. | June, 2017

Kyle Rau and Cindi O'Brien both exceeded my expectations and were always helpful and available fo rmy myriad of questions.
- Chris E. | June, 2017

Danielle Riley was very knowledgeable and goes way "above and beyond" to make the process easier and successful! 
- Donald R. | May, 2017

John Sorensen was very professional and very personable even though we only communicated by phone and email.
- Mary D. | May, 2017

Kyle Rau was very knowledgeable, helpful, and patient. He made the process simple and painless. He worked hard and we appreciate all he did in helping us on our journey home.
- Shelly H. | May, 2017

Liz Doyle was a true professional, and was there to help all through the process.
- Michael N. | May, 2017

Jessica Chandler is great to work with. Very responsive to calls and emails and always reassuring about any questions we had. She was easy to work with and the first to respond without the need of a lot of unnecessary paperwork at the beginning.
- Jason G. | April, 2017

John Sorensen was simply outstanding!!
- Stephen D. | April, 2017

Kyle Rau and his entire team went 'above and beyond.'
- Frank W. | April, 2017

Geony Rucker was the most wonderful loan consultant that my wife and I could ever hope for with our first home purchase.
- Ashley B. | April, 2017

Nick Kays, I was told that getting  a VA loan and closing in 30 days was unheard of Nick and his team was the only one who said we can do that. we in fact cloaed in 28 days, Thank You Nick!
- James W. | April, 2017

Dwight (Williams) was with us every step of the way - Outstanding job!
- Brad C. | April, 2017

Ms. Julie Jones was professional in demeanor, courteous in conduct, knowledgeable, and most helpful in every respect.
- Anonymous | April, 2017

Matt Slenker made the entire process less stressful and went out of his way to work around my schedule and time constraints.
- Nancy H. | April, 2017

Hire more people like Rodney Adams who explain mortgages so they're easy to understand.
- Amanda B. | April, 2017

Nick Sherf went above and beyond. We closed on our home in record time, I don't see anything to improve on.
- Kris K. | February, 2017

 Bob (Knutson) and Matt (Shadonix) were both outstanding!
- Regina M. | February, 2017

Crystal Fitzpatrick was phenomenal.
- Barb. W. | February, 2017

Nick Sherf. He worked with us around the clock to make sure we closed on time with our builder. It was a last minute loan switch and saved us thousands of dollars.
- Jonathan P. | February, 2017

Hire more consultants with Doug George's level of knowledge, professionalism and caring.
- William N. | February, 2017

Todd Shaver and his associates provided outstanding service, support, and results
- Mike C. | February, 2017

Sean Dickerson in Kansas City - very responsive and knowledgable, great advocate and why I went with your company.
- John D. | February, 2017

The entire team I worked with excelled, but Nick Kays was a stellar. As a retired soldier, I've bought nine different homes, and probably done another nine refinances.  This lending experience was far and away the BEST service I've ever received, and in the most difficult real estate transaction.  Nick was the face of a great team that supported us through an incredibly difficult process that involved a seller backing out of the first deal, and spread over 4-1/2 months before we successfully closed.  If it hadn't been for Nick and the First Federal Bank team, we would almost assuredly be living in an apartment right now.  Nick's support helped me win a bidding event on the second house, had me ready to close in less than 3 weeks, and was our main source of stability in a real estate transaction repeatedly punctuated by the phrase "I've never heard of that happening before." (Not because of problems with lender, problems on the real estate contract side). I can't recommend Nick highly enough.
- Greg W. | February, 2017

Jessica Chandler always goes above and beyond. She's the reason we chose First Federal. We've used her for 3 mortgages, and she's always taken good care of us. I trust her. She's the best.
- Anonymous | January, 2017

Troy Rardin--did an outstanding job.  Kept me informed during the entire process--while even on vacation.
- Jay H. | January, 2017

Angela Graham, Sara Tomlin both extremely above and beyond expectations.  Very professional, knowledgeable, will to listen and cooperative. I told Angela and Sara I have never experienced the loan process as smooth  and professional in more than 75 closings
- Forrest F. | January, 2017

Chris Miller and his staff are outstanding.
- Michael P. | January, 2017

Make sure and keep Sean Dickerson happy... he's a good one!
- Josh B. | January, 2017

Sean Dickerson took the time to explain everything to us, and we had a lot of questions as first time home buyers, using a VA loan.  He answered texts and phone calls after hours and on weekends.  He was was honest and collaborative.   First Federal did have the lowest rates, but even if they hadn't, based on the initial conversations I had with Sean, while researching mortgage lenders, I still would have chosen FFB due to his low-pressure, honest sharing of information.   I will be referring anyone and everyone I hear is buying a house, directly to Sean.
- Andre P. | January, 2017

Lee McClain did a great job closing our loan.  His ability to see it through was appreciated.
- Michael J. | January, 2017

Nick Kays did an outstanding job.
- Armand B. | January, 2017

Michelle Carpenter was very helpful, knowledgeable and professional.
- Mike R. | January, 2017

Rodney Adams: Why mess with perfection?
- Glen H. | December, 2016

Dusty Epperson (Chris Miller Team) did a great job.
- Rick M. | December, 2016

Chris Miller worked with me through many conversations answering all my questions until I fully understood the process.   Dusty Epperson was also very helpful. Having shopped around with several other banks I'm convinced that your product was the best available.
- Mark M. | December, 2016

Jessica Chandler was outstanding, assertive & very professional
- Joe M. | December, 2016

Julie Jones! She was basically teaching and doing my realitor's job. Our experience in selling/buying a home was an absolute nightmare, but Julie was the brightest light of the whole process. Nothing. Julie and her team saved our lives. I would refer her and her team to everyone! You all at First Federal made the loan process so easy compared to the confusion and heartache we dealt with daily.
- James L. | December, 2016

Mr. Mike Williams was exceptionally helpful in my loan process. I would like to thank him and his counterparts for a job well done. First Federal Bank was excellent. The process was flawless. Move your Bank to Augusta, Georgia. Ft. Gordon will be receiving over 285.000 soldiers with in the next four years. As a retiree from the United States Army, soldiers could use good banks such as the First Federal Bank. I will be the first one to open up a local account.
- Anthony B. | December, 2016

Alan Scarpa! My impression of Alan Scarpa (based on his performance throughout my home loan acquisition)is that he is a top-notch professional who will get the job done no matter how many challenges pop-up. If I need any more services from First Federal Bank, I will be asking for Alan first. Hire more people like Alan Scarpa. Alan walked me through the process step-by-step, keeping in constant contact by phone or e-mail...how can get any better than that?
- Mark H. | December, 2016

Mike Saunders, Jenni Gray and all of those who worked with him - they were all great to work with. We had an excellent experience with First Federal.
- James H. | December, 2016

Kyle Rau has done a great job! Thanks for all of your help Kyle!
- Denise G. | December, 2016

Jessica Chandler was excellent to work with.  Very responsive both to phone calls and emails.
- David J. | December, 2016

Elizabeth Doyle and her whole team are great. Never let Liz go, she is truly amazing!
- William D. | December, 2016

Rodney Adams and Jenni Gray were both great.  Rodney was always responsive and gave me all the information I needed up front.
- Adrian C. | December, 2016

Yes. Dwight Williams went above and beyond in making sure that I fully understood everything. He also contacted me on his own time to make sure all was so professional. I told him how pleased we were with him handling our loan. All paperwork was completed perfectly
- Robert L. | December, 2016

Mark Gehrt "saved" our house for us! I am newly divorced and mother of two boys. He said YES, so we were able to stay! I will be forever grateful! He has a calm demeanor and confidence which is just what I needed after fighting the divorce battle! Thank you!
- Deb H. | December, 2016

Kyle Rau, Cindi O'Brien, and Susan Paterson were all exceptional! Each person was available for questions, quick and thorough in their responses.
- Kurt H. | November, 2016

I was satisfied with the process only wished I had signed with First Federal sooner. I decided to compare two other lenders after approaching ffbkc. Crystal Fitzpatrick was so easy to do business with, and the other lenders were so overbearing
- Alan M. | November, 2016

Yes, Tim Hansen. He has excellent people skills, and is very knowledgeable and helpful. I never felt rushed, and I always had all of my questions answered promptly and thoroughly. THANK YOU, Tim, for being there for us!!!! You're doing a great job! What had me go with you at first was your reputation. I kept going with you because of our agent, Tim Hansen, who definitely went 'above and beyond'!
- Jan R. | November, 2016

Anthony Marchese initiated the process after I did an inquiry on Lendingtree.com.  His non-pushy approach sold me and your rates were competitive and Anthony made the process very easy and helped with closing when needed when the Title company and Notary were not on the same page.
- Joel M. | November, 2016

Had a great experience working with Dwight Williams have him handle all your mortgages applications
- Frank M. | November, 2016

Tom Fisher was great to work with. Very patient, straight forward and honest. I would recommend him to anyone looking to refinance.
- Scott B. | November, 2016

Dwight Williams and his team, truly fantastic!
- George M. | November, 2016

Tom Fisher was an awesome guy to work with. He was extremely knowledgeable and professional from the start and throughout the entire process! Great representation of FFBKC
- Stefan G. | November, 2016

John Brown did a really nice job in keeping me informed and pushing the process along
- Herb Y. | November, 2016

Julie Jones, absolutely incredible lady. She is a true professional.
- Anthony T. | November, 2016

Elizabeth Doyle was very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable from initial contact through final closing.
- Alan A. | November, 2016

The only one we really worked with was Lee McLain and he was very good to work with.  Pleasant, helpful, and available.
- Sean F. | November, 2016

Kyle Rau -- this was a relocation from KC to Vegas.  I had to get a SWING loan to get access to equity in my KC home to buy a home in Vegas.   The national lenders were not flexible in doing this, but Kyle made this very easy.
- Anonymous | November, 2016

Brian Thornton was outstanding! He was available at all times, day and night, promptly returned calls, patiently explained things when needed, found solutions to any problems, and was always calm and professional.  A real rock to lean on...
- Allan J. | November, 2016

Everyone I worked with did everything very quickly to meet our closing schedule. Very impressed
- Thomas C. | November, 2016

Dani Riley exceeded my expectations!
- Michelle J. | November, 2016

Yes. Brian Thornton was the main reason we went with First Federal.  We originally wanted to use the same bank at home for our mortgage as our checking and savings accounts... But Brian was so much better at giving the information we asked for, in a way we understood, and in a most timely manner, that we decided to do our mortgage from halfway across the country.
- Orlando C., Nov. 2016

Kyle Rau was extremely helpful. He answered every question I had (and there were a lot) and really made me feel comfortable with the whole process. I will definitely recommend him to friends. I also was especially pleased with his assistant, Cindi OBrien. She was so nice and pleasant to speak with. She really made the whole process easy - even though getting all of that paperwork together can be daunting and stressful, it never was this time. Cindi was so helpful in telling me what I needed in advance so I had plenty of time to get everything together and never once felt stressed.
- Emily W., Nov. 2016

Cliff Mourning was very good to work with and explained everything very well.
- Brian S., Nov. 2016

Nick Kays did an exceptional job helping us. There was a small delay in our process to close, but the delay was due to other factors outside of Nick's control.  Very impressed with his work ethic and customer service. You have the best service along with the best rates; not sure what else you can do on your end to improve the process.
- Katherine K., Nov. 2016

You do it all, especially Crystal Fitzpatrick.   Your process was quicker and less costly than my own Navy Federal Credit Union, which has been my mortgager for every home finance I've ever done, until now.
- Joe B., Nov. 2016

Rodney Adams. It was just perfect! Couldn't have had a better experience from start to finish.
- Wayne S., Nov. 2016

Mike Williams continues to be exceptional in all aspects of the re-finance.  Wouldn't consider working with anyone else.
- Francis G., Oct. 2016

We have had an exceptional, long term  history with Barry Kantor.
- John M., Oct. 2016

John Brown always was there when we needed to get an answer for our question.
- Nadine C., Oct. 2016

Sean Dickerson my mortgage consultant was amazing, he explained everything in detail, he made everything seem simple and he was personable and a pleasure to work with!!
- Morgan B., Oct. 2016

Mike Williams and his entire team...were outstanding. My experience was simple and not stressful at all.  I had to do very little work and my consultant and his team helped me every step of the way.
- James Z., Oct. 2016

Tom Fisher. He went way "above and beyond" to understand my situation and help me get a loan approved. Tom also followed through all the way to closing day and made sure it got done. I was going through a very stressful relocation on short notice and Tom really helped my family.
- Kelley G., Oct. 2016

The process was very simple and all engaged were very professional.  Thank you!
- Shirley H., Sept. 2016

I worked with Bob Knutson.  He was awesome!!!  As someone who doesn't take care of this kind of thing, he explained everything to me so that I would understand.  You truly are lucky to have him work for you.
- Sherry D., Sept. 2016

Mike saunders met all of our expectations and answered any questions we had. Thx!
- Leo A., Sept. 2016

Todd Shaver was exceptional. Pleasant, professional, proactive. I trusted him immediately. Fine man.
- Ginger G., Sept. 2016

Lee McLain has done several of my loans and I would gladly recommend him to friends and family.
- Lisa B., Sept. 2016

Lee McLain! Clone him and have him do all [mortgages]!
- Sharon H., Sept. 2016

Todd Shaver and Jenni Gray were excellent, always prompt, and checked on our status even when it wasn't required.
- Andrew B., Sept. 2016

I believe that... Dusty [Epperson] went above and beyond in her job!  She is on top of the entire process and waste no time getting anything done!  Way to go Dusty....you deserve a promotion!
- Robin F., Sept. 2016

Jessica Chandler was exceptional.  She exceeded my expectations, is very knowledgeable, and responds to any inquiry immediately!
- Tereh S., Sept. 2016

Everything went very well from Lee McLain's work through the entire FFB team process!  Thank you!
- Thomas J., Sept. 2016

Lisa Tepen did and outstanding job and was very prompted in providing the support and assistance during this process.
- Charles C., Aug. 2016

Brian Thornton, was fabulous. He held our hands throughout the whole process, making sure all of our questions were answered and gave us the confidence to close with First Federal Bank.
- Tracy S., Aug. 2016

Rodney Adams - FANTASTIC.
- Nancy M., Aug. 2016

From day 0 Dwight Williams went above and beyond in every regard.
- David L., Aug. 2016

Mike Saunders was awesome throughout the entire process.
- Michael T., Aug. 2016

Mike Williams - trust is a tough thing to earn, but Mike goes the extra mile to ensure smooth closings.
- Donald F., Aug. 2016

Dwight Williams was amazing to work with and exceeded expectatiins with professionalism, personality,  knowledge, and integrity.
- Tim B., Aug. 2016

Nick Kays.  A+++++ service. The end to end process was very smooth.  I can't think of anything that First Federal could of done better.
- John K., July 2016

Rodney Adams was amazing. I wasn't quite ready to proceed with a home loan when he first made contact (I was "just looking") he was patient, persistent, and always professional and never pushy. I appreciate that he took the time to speak with me and followed up periodically, other lenders didn't even want to talk until I was ready to purchase. He also provided pre-approval letters in a timely fashion so there weren't any hang ups when it was time to make an offer. From start to finish it was a smooth process!
- Kellie D., July 2016

Nick Kays has been amazing all through the process. We worked closely and were able to close the home as scheduled Cindy and Vicky also helped make the process painless I could not have had a better experience. I will soon be writing an editorial for our local VA paper which hopefully will get FFBKC and Nick and his team the accolades that they deserve. Keep doing what you are doing. The reason I came to you was the caring professionalism that I experienced with Nick.
- Steve W., July 2016

Brian Thornton was an excellent originator. He was informative, helpful, prompt, and responsive.
- Chris P., July 2016

Leslie Lowery was awesome. I've already referred two people  to her.
- Sharice A., July 2016

Troy Guzzo.  Being self employed it is difficult at best getting a loan. Troy walked thru the process with me every step of the way.
- Greg K, July 2016

Jessica Chandler was my loan consultant, and she was absolutely fantastic.  FFBKC should consider themselves lucky to have her on its team.  I have already referred other friends to her and will continue to do so.  Her professionalism and willingness to patiently walk through the process cannot be understated.  Next time I need a mortgage, Jessica at FFBKC is the first person I'm calling!
- John R., July 2016

Tony Guzzo, very up front to work with, very responsive as well.
- Mike S., June 2016

We were moving from out of state and needed to close is a short time.  Rodney Adams assisted us to ensure a smooth closing process  within 30days.

Kyle Rau and his team made this the best experience we have had closing a loan. He was great!
- Pat M., June 2016

Chris Miller's communication and process were the easiest I've ever experienced, 8th home purchase!
- P.J. P., June 2016

Angela Graham-she was wonderful even followed up with us on the weekend. She looked out for our best interest. I would want to work with her again if we were looking for a loan.
- Randall F., June 2016

John Brown convinced me to get the loan by explaining how we could save money on our mortgage and being patient with me and explaining all steps.
- Dale C., June 2016

Steve Jarboe was OUTSTANDING! Coming in to an existing loan process for a short sale with an existing closing date less than a month away, he worked with us to get the paperwork rushed through. It didn't help that the short sale bank on the other side was quite inefficient and non communicative, difficult to work with etc. Steve provided the necessary optimism to keep me from giving up on this difficult process. As a first time home buyer Steve's optimism and can do attitude made all the difference in the world. I can definitely recommend FFBKC for home mortgages!
- David K., June 2016

Steve Jarboe did an excellent job on our home loan. He always returned my phone calls in a timely manner. Many times I had questions on the weekend and Steve was available to answer my questions. Thanks for everything Steve!
- Troy H., May 2016

Rodney Adams - I have worked with Rodney as a Realtor agent before & liked the way he communicated with me, so I decided to use him on my personal home.
- Dee M., May 2016

Working with Mike Williams and his team was a pleasure, they made our loan process more than smooth. It is an exciting time but also very stressful and they were very helpful and responsive during the entire process. We would highly recommend Mike and First Federal bank, We are very pleased with the services that were provided to us.
- Chris C., February, 2016

Thank you for all your help with my questions and concerns during this process.  I will most certainly refer any folks I know looking for a mortgage to call YOU directly ... you are a great asset to First Federal.
- Jan W., February, 2016

I wanted to thank you for the time and effort you put in to helping me achieve my goals of home ownership. Your efforts really made the entire process go smooth and stress free. I called and spoke with you at least a dozen times and each time you were more helpful then I had ever experienced with any bank.

I choose to stay with First Federal due to the trust I had built with you and your bank. I'm a single father of two small boys and you took the time to show great care and compassion to ensure you helped me - even with my children calling me name in the back ground.

As a businessman myself, I understand the importance of customer service and even with many other options and competition, I wanted to conduct my business with you and First Federal due to the fact I felt very comfortable that during the life of my loan, I know you will be there for any questions or concerns that might come up.

Thank you again and First Federal will be the first place I point friends and family.
- Luke V., February, 2016

I highly recommend First Federal Bank of Kansas City for your next home loan, and there is no one better to work with than Dwight Williams. He is a stellar performer, and you will not be sorry!
- Rich C., February, 2016

The pleasure and honor [of working with you] was mine. Took a big chance by doing this via Internet, especially with all of the horror stories about fraud. But after I spoke with you the first time, either you were the best actor in the world and deserved an Oscar, or you were for real.

I am an ER doctor and used to hearing BS every day. Drug addicts and alcoholics and all sorts of people. Usually can spot nonsense from a mile away. But you my friend, you are the best banking official I have ever worked with. I wish you had handled all of my mortgages in the past. I don't know what the future is yet but in the next 5 years I will be asking for your services again for wherever we move.

Thank you again for your patience and excellence. Also extend our appreciation to your team. Very professional and responsible.
- Ed R., February, 2016

Dwight is the most enthusiastic and competent professional mortgage originator that I have had the privilege to deal with. From our earliest conversations his word, without exception, was supported by deed. That spells "TRUST!" I intend to share my opinion! Wish you and your organization continuing success.
- Fred P., January, 2016

Thanks Mike for all your help!  I look forward to staying in touch and will definitely refer anyone who might be looking for assistance.
- Melissa G., January, 2016

My thanks to you for a fantastic job on getting my loan finished and processed. You made it so easy and smooth. We really appreciate your professionalism and help. Couldn't have done it so smoothly without you. Again my personal thanks and appreciation.
- Don E., January, 2016

Mike Williams and Amanda Edwards exceeded our expectations.
- Richard S., January, 2016

Dwight Williams exceeded all our expectations - he was incredible! The consummate professional.
- Paula C., January, 2016

Mr Nick Kays: Very professional ,informative and knowledgable with every phase of my loan process. Excellent communicative skill and mannerisms. Two thumbs up!
- Barry S., January, 2016

The staff at the Independence branch. During the loan process everyone at that location helped me in some way.
- Walter M., January, 2016

This is my fourth loan with Rodney Adams, and he does a great job on all aspects of the loan. He is a great asset to your company.
- Tim F., January, 2016

Judy Maynard was extremely knowledgable, thorough and patient during our loan process. My experience was wonderful. I have no recommendations to change.
- Sarah T., January, 2016

Mike and First Federal Bank was a pleasure to work with throughout our home purchase. Mike was responsive, professional and knowledgable. We used our VA loan for this home purchase and Mike was thoroughly familiar with the process and was able to walk us through step-by-step.  When our closing date was approaching Mike and First Federal had all the documents ready, we had no delay at closing and I credit Mike and his staff for how easy they made this process. I would highly recommend Mike to any and all of my friends and family for procuring a home loan.
- Aaron W., January, 2016

Best mortgage company I have ever dealt with.
- Robert B., January, 2016

Scot Johansen and Susan Paterson are the best!
- Debra K., January, 2016

Mike Williams and his team are extremely professional and easy to work with! He's an expert on the VA process!! Others claim to understand the VA process, but Mike truly does know everything about the process. His integrity is second to none. Mike always kept me informed about the market and my loan process. He answered every question we had in a timely manner. He would even answer my emails and phone calls late at night when he was out of the office. This is the 3rd time my family and I close on a house and working with Mike and First Federal was the best experience I've had! Mike is also assisting 4 other Veteran colleagues with the purchase of their dream house. If your purchasing a home; you need Mike Williams on your team!! We ended up closing 11 days earlier then the projected date and we are extremely happy in our dream house! Thank you Mike and First Federal for making this possible for our family!
- Luiz D., January, 2016

Dwight Williams consistently went above and beyond to get me in my dream home. 
- Brandon G., December, 2015

Jessica Chandler was available any time I had questions or concerns. She is very professional and went out of her way to secure my loan.
- Jason M., November, 2015

Alan Scarpa. He was outstanding with communication, very friendly and knowledgeable. He went out of his way to ensure everything was done right! Very pleased with his service.
- Phil S., November, 2015

Payman Rezai, you did an outstanding job with first rate service. Keep up the good work and honest effort!
- Joe P., November, 2015

Todd Shaver and Valerie Kondas were absolute professionals. They made a scary process, easy and understandable. The were always available to lend a hand or provide guidance. I would recommend this First Federal Bank to anyone searching for a home loan, especially Veterans. First Federal Bank now has a dedicated customer for life! Thank you, First Federal Bank!
- James R., November, 2015

Lisa Tepen Professional, thorough, outstanding customer service and solid follow through. Deserves a raise and probably a promotion. 
- Thomas N., November, 2015

Scot Johansen made my dream home possible. I could not have asked for a better loan officer!
- Rachel S., November, 2015

Thank you so much Scot! I am happy to say you have rocked this file!
- Wendi E. (Realtor), November, 2015

Scot - Thank you so much for everything!! You truly made my dream home possible. I could not have asked for a better Loan Officer!!!
- Rachel S., November, 2015

Angela Graham was amazing! We enjoyed working with her so much we declined other offers that would have given us another $1000 or more in lender credit.
- Chris F., October, 2015

Great process, we were very happy with Mike Saunders. He helped us through every aspect of the line and was always available for questions.
- Jayne G., October, 2015

Sean Dickerson was very professional. This was the best loan experience I've had.
- Kevin K., October, 2015

Dwight Williams was very professional. He explained everything to me so I could understand. I felt he went above and beyond. He is definitely an asset to your company. Because of Dwight, I will be recommending First Federal and Dwight to all that need assistance in purchasing or refinancing homes or property. Thank you again, Dwight.
- Sherman W., October, 2015

We appreciated the availability of our Loan Officer. Especially, after hours and during weekends.
- Rick V., October, 2015

Both Scot Johansen and Angie Napier were great to work with.
- Merry Q., October, 2015

Todd Shaver was great to work with. Always available no matter what time and quick to respond to questions. Would definitely recommend him!!
- Marsha C., October, 2015

Todd Shaver did an outstanding job!
- Randle J., October, 2015

There is nothing you can do better because you do it already! I will recommend your bank to anyone who will listen. My realtor was impressed with Kyle Coons and she felt I was in good hands. Thank you First Federal!!!!!
- Machette M., October, 2015

Dwight [Williams] was absolutely amazing. He made the process painless and was always there to answer any of my million questions. He was always polite, respectful, knowledgeable and easy to get ahold of. All calls were returned promptly. Best service I have ever had.
- Chad K., October, 2015

John Sorensen was WONDERFUL to work with!
- Mike L., October, 2015

The whole process was made so easy by John Sorensen and Amanda Edwards! I am very well pleased!
- Gary D., October, 2015

Scot Johansen made this a great experience.
- Darrell J., October, 2015

Doug George and his boss went above and beyond.
- Robert B., October, 2015

Julie Jones was excellent to communicate with. She was always available and very personable.
- Vincent O., October, 2015

I honestly don't think there is one thing that could have been better.
- Rod C., October, 2015

Kyle Coons went above and beyond. Everything went well and I do not have any suggestions for improvement.
- Dan W., October, 2015

Tracey Jenkins went above and beyond my expectations.
- Shanicia G., September, 2015

Alan White went above and beyond my expectations. I actually have no complaints!
- Nick S., September, 2015

Lee McLain and his team did a great job of shepherding us through the process.  All questions were answered and explained in a way that was easily understood.
- Kevin D., September, 2015

Todd Shaver.  He is truly an asset to your organization.  He was so helpful and understanding.
- Michelle P., September, 2015

Julie Jones was wonderful with explaining information and responding in a timely manner.
- Erica W., September, 2015

Todd Shaver made sure we closed on a very tight schedule even with a VA loan and came through on his initial timeframe at 3 weeks.  FFBKC not only beat Quicken's best rate even with Quicken incentives for existing customers, but they also got us to closing two full weeks before Quicken said would be their earliest possible closing date. We were very appreciative of this!
- Jeff H., September, 2015

Kyle Coons was exceptional.
- Hugh M., September, 2015

 Jessica Chandler went above and beyond my expectations without a doubt!
- Sarah K., September, 2015

Lisa Tepen went above and beyond my expectations.
- Wesley M., September, 2015

Steve Jarboe went above and beyond my expectations.
- Ron S., September, 2015

Nick Kays and Cindi Graham went above and beyond my expectations.
- Bruce M., September, 2015

Julie Jones was excellent to work with. Very thorough and prompt.
- Steve M., September, 2015

Alan Scarpa is amazing to work with. No matter what the question, or time of day, he was quick to get back with the necessary information. I loved working with him as he is knowledgeable, professional and personable. Thank you, Alan, for everything!
- Linda W., September, 2015

Leslie Lowry went above and beyond my expectations.
- Charlene G., September, 2015

Tom Fisher - exceptional is an understatement!
- Leslie G., September, 2015

Steve Jarboe was very professional and did all that he could to make our refinancing possible.
- Beverly C., September, 2015

Kyle Coons was very good to deal with.
- Rich B., September, 2015

Jessica was fantastic! It is uncommon to find this level of customer service anymore. We are extremely pleased with how responsive she was to our needs. She always answered her phone or promptly returned our calls. This was, by far, the easiest mortgage experience we have ever had.
- Tim F., August, 2015

Mike Williams and Jeff Sanders were both great to work with during our home mortgage and purchase process. During the investigative stage, Mr. Williams clearly explained all of our options and the financial implications of each. I really appreciated his communication skills, honesty and professionalism. His recommendations were logical and data-based. We were not planning to use a VA loan until Mike pointed out the financial advantages for us. The mortgage application process was very efficient and took much less time than I expected. 

Jeff Sanders was excellent handling the mechanics of completing the mortgage details, making all the required contacts, and ensuring we had all the requirements completed correctly. We were able to handle the large volume of data very efficiently. He was very thorough and paid close attention to all the details.During the process, I could always reach Mike or Jeff with minimal effort, which is impressive for a large corporation.

Working with both of these professionals was a very positive experience. I can understand why FFBKC does so well in the mortgage financing business with employees such as these 2 men.
- Robert H., July, 2015

It was certainly a pleasure doing business with you. You made the entire loan process easy from start to finish. I will absolutely recommend you to anyone I know looking for a loan. Thank you for all you did for us. I appreciate your efforts and expertise. Again, thank you.
- Tony S., July, 2015

Mike Williams and his team at First Federal were outstanding in helping us to negotiate a VA Loan.  After a quarter of a century we finally found someone who was able to steer a true course through sometimes turbulent waters to reach our destination and get a VA loan. My wife and I cannot thank Mike and his team enough for their patience and fortitude in seeing this loan through.
- Ron W., July, 2015

Dwight Williams,  Did an outstanding job and was a great ambassador for First Federal Bank. With employees such as Mr. Williams, First Federal Bank will be considered among the best for a long time to come.
- Silvano M., July, 2015

Yes, Rodney Adams.  His assistance and handling resulted in my husband and I returning to First Federal for several transactions.  Because of the outstanding service Rodney provided we also referred my Brother to Rodney when he refinanced his home.
- Faye E., July, 2015

Dwight Williams and Tracey Jenkins went beyond my expectations and made all communications easy and quick. Couldn't ask for more.
- Jeff W., July, 2015

Judy Maynard went above and beyond.
- Glen F., July, 2015

Payman Rezai - he was excellent the process went so smoothly.  I can not express enought how wonderful it was to work with Payman.
- Maureen B., July, 2015

Bob Knutson was amazing helping me through the process.
- Jeff L., July, 2015

Alan Scarpa went above and beyond.
- Pat M., July, 2015

Jessica Chandler: I was working odd hours when we were shopping for a loan, and she made herself available, AND she demonstrated the heart of a teacher when I had questions. This made us want to go w/ 1st Fed even before your rates were shown to be the most competitive.
- Brian H., July, 2015

Bob Knutson was very helpful and professional. Above and Beyond!!!!!
- Toby M., July, 2015

Rodney Adams id the reason I chose First Federal. Throughout the entire process he made me feel like I was the priority.
- David R., July, 2015

Sean Dickerson really impressed me; he was a joy to work with. He was very personable, has a great sense of humor but was still very professional and helped answer all of my many questions. 

I made first contact with Sean nearly a year prior when I used LendingTree.com to get a variety of quotes. I was immediately impressed by him personally. Even though I didn't end up being able to refinance at that time, I was surprised and incredibly pleased to get a follow-up call from him many months later once my circumstances were more favorable. I was so thrilled to hear from him because I had somehow lost his contact info over the months and didn't remember the name of the lending agent. If he hadn't followed up I may have ended up going with a different lender. Sean was able to find a refi option that worked for me for a fantastic rate. I couldn't be more pleased. He took all the stress out of the process for me.
- Kris W., July, 2015

Dwight Williams was AMAZING, professional and friendly. It was easy to trust and work with him. If it weren't for him and his candid information and teaching style, we would have went with [another lender]. We felt like a team!
- Katherine G., July, 2015

Lisa Tepen was great!
- Matthew N., June, 2015

John D Sorenson, extremely professional and knowledgeable.
- Kerry S., June, 2015

Alan Scarpa went above and beyond. He was great.
- Jim M., June, 2015

Jessica Chandler was terrific to work with.  Jeff Sanders was great, too.
- Robert B., June, 2015

Payman Rezai...the best mortgage lender you have by far!!
- Gabriel T., June, 2015

Misty Patterson was WONDERFUL! She was so kind and held my hand throughout the entire process. She explained everything well and was always great about returning my calls and answering my questions.
- Erin N., June, 2015

Doug George. I have referred 2 prospects to him. As a professional Realtor for more than 30 years, I am very critical of the cast of lending institutions I recommend. This the very first on-line lender I have recommended. Even using a local Settlement Company the transaction went very smoothly. It is tough to meet my standards and Doug did so exceedingly well.
- Jackie S., June, 2015

Scot Johansen did a great job of walking us through the process.  He was very knowledgeble and customer centric!
- Chris S., June, 2015

All involved! There are more people than you think involved in a loan process and it takes exceptional communication skills to work as a team and make it easy on me, the customer
- Brian H., June, 2015

Chris Miller - I had a collection for a medical bill that was never sent to me. He worked with the collection agency to get it taken off, got my credit score rerated, and I ended up with a rate that was a half point less than what the other mortgage lender was offering me. The other lender also said there was nothing they could do and was pressuring me into locking in with no concern for my situation. The process was also very fast and Chris ensured I understood what was happening during every step.
- Eric D., June, 2015

Leslie Lowry was very professional and understanding through the whole process. She made the whole experience less stressful.
- Theresa B., June, 2015

Nick Kays did a fantastic job throughout the entire loan process.
- Rich K., June, 2015

I want to thank you for all you did for us. A new home has been a dream of ours and I will always remember how you helped make it happen. It was a pleasure to work with you!
- Sara S., June, 2015

Chris Miller and Dusty Epperson were great. Would certainly recommend and use them again.
- Dave P., June, 2015

Too many times in business, good people aren’t thanked for the great job they’ve done and the pride they [take] in their work. I have been working with Mike Saunders over the past 3 weeks on a mortgage re-finance and have found him to be completely professional in every way, and as pleasant to talk to as I’ve ever experienced in over 30 years of working with lending institutions and during my 40-year business career. He was totally approachable and patient with the many questions my wife and I had during the application and approval process.
To find people with Mike's dedication and work ethic is so rare nowadays. It seems that in today’s world, there seems to be a lack of dedication and professionalism in almost all areas of business and life. I hope that you are aware how lucky you are to find this hard working and completely dedicated person for your company.

He takes so much pride in your bank and helping people like us feel comfortable with the sometimes very arduous process of obtaining a mortgage in today's world.

Please pass along our HUGE appreciation for what he has done for us. I've worked with many banks and applied for many mortgages over the years and he is the absolute best at what he does. His people skills are just amazing! I can’t emphasize enough how grateful my wife and I are to have found First Federal Bank and Mike. We will forever be indebted to him and your bank and your company will have a customer for life.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend First Federal Bank and Mike to anyone, and in fact, I will.
- David Z., June, 2015

In business dealings I know that the best way to say “thank you” is in the form of repeat business or referrals.  With that said, as I mentioned before I presently work in a recruiting capacity with our Federal Agent force and we will be hiring 100% veterans for the next year or two.  Knowing your expertise in the area of VA loans I will do what I can to send our new hires your way given that 90% are relocating and needing to find new homes. I really appreciate the time you invested into making this all come together.
- Curtis J., June, 2015

Dwight Williams is the friendliest, most courteous and knowledgeable consultant I have ever worked with and I've worked with a number of mortgage companies in my life. Dwight kept me informed of our progress every step of the way, even after hours and weekends. He is absolutely superb.
- Steve T., May, 2015

The only person I did deal with was Leslie Lowry. She worked night and day to get my loan done with the very short time frame I gave her to work with. She was always very nice and answered any questions I may have had and if she was unable to answer her phone when I called, she always called me right back.
- Melissa B., May, 2015

Jessica was AWESOME. Very knowledgeable in home refinance and was a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her to anyone needing refinance information!!
- Yvonne W., May, 2015

It was perfect! Even my Realtor said she was so impressed with Cord Zucht. She said he was the best lender she had ever worked with. I was so pleased with my experience!
- Stephanie C., Apr., 2015

Mike McMillin & Cindi Graham were awesome!
- Mark V., Apr., 2015

I worked with Jessica Chandler on our refinance and was very satisfied with our experience.
- Emily T., Apr., 2015

Leslie Lowry was very helpful, calming, and kind throughout the whole process. As a new home owner she assisted me by answering all of my questions. The process was a positive one! Thank you Leslie!!!
- Christina C., Apr., 2015

Alan Scarpa went above and beyond. He was great.
- James M., Apr., 2015

Todd Shaver - Our first attempt was a for sale by owner that fell through. Todd did an incredible amount of work trying to save the deal. He was then extremely supportive as we worked through finding another property which we were able to close.
- Tom A., Apr., 2015

Buying a house is one of the most important and stressful purchases of your life. I was skeptical about dealing with a bank halfway across the country. Well First Federal is the bank you want. Extremely professional and efficient, not to mention, the best rate out of 5 banks I talked to. And the banker I dealt with, Todd Shaver... the best! Todd was the first banker to contact me after I signed up with Lending Tree, after I talked to all the other banks he was clearly the best. Todd helped me through the entire process, always very responsive and professional. How do you build trust with a person that is halfway across the country, never meeting them face to face? Call Todd and you will soon see how great of a professional he his. You will not be disappointed with First Federal Bank and certainly wont be disappointed with Todd Shaver.
- Anthony P., Apr., 2015

First off, there's many reasons I decided to go with First Federal Bank for a home loan.  This is the second home loan I've had with First Federal Bank and the first was so pleasurable, I looked no where else.  Be it the folks working there, to the rates made available, to the professionalism all around, there was no question.

I wanted to be sure and make mention of my loan officer, Mike Saunders.  Mike is a true professional.  Throughout the loan process he communicated every detail, always on top of every possible item that could potentially cause a hiccup.  He made this process, with lack of a better word....easy. His customer service and professionalism is a rarity these days, and it has been very much appreciated. It's been a pleasure dealing with First Federal Bank, and I'm sure it will continue to be.
- John C., Mar., 2015

My wife and I recently closed a loan with FFB. We worked with Mike Saunders as our loan officer and he was great!! He always had a smile on his face and was very knowledgeable about the loan process. It was a pleasure working with him and we will return to do business in the future.
- Mason F., Feb., 2015

Jessica did a fantastic job on our home refinance. She was knowledgable about our different options, provided her opinion on what would work best for our situation and answered all the questions we had promptly so we could make an intelligent decision. She was extremely attentive and was always available to answer my questions either by phone or email. I would highly recommend Jessica and First Federal Bank to my family and friends and will use their service if the need ever arises.
- Tracy L., Feb., 2015

Alan Scarpa's performance and service was better than the Jayhawks playing at home. Not really a Jayhawks fan, but consummate performers deserve credit for being winners.
- Thomas C., Jan., 2015

Jessica Chandler was the best. Even after hours she was easy to contact and did not mind taking my phone calls or answering my emails. We communicated several times 9:00 or 10:00 at night due to my work schedule. Jessica Chandler is the best Home Loan Consultant. She is easy to contact, knowledgable and has integrity.
- Rodney W., Jan., 2015

Our entire experience with you and first federal bank was great. I have applied for loans many times in my 75 years and I have never had one go as smooth and as quickly as this one. Dealing with you was a pleasure. You were right on top of every issue that came up and even though we are "low tech" you dealt with it in a smooth and professional manner and worked through our problems with ease. Thank you. Looking forward to doing business with you and your bank in the future and will recommend you to our friends.
- Ken R., Jan., 2015

The team associated with Todd was really good.  It was a smooth purchase and closing.  Thank you very much for the help.
- Cecil R., Jan., 2015

Mike Williams was fantastic to work with.  He was responsive, answered all my (many) questions, and the best thing of all is he was never "pushy" during the time when we were deciding who to refinance with.  He was the most professional loan officer I have ever worked with.  The loan processor, Tracey Worthington was fantastic as well.  What a great team!
- Julie D., Jan., 2015

Jessica was friendly and helpful throughout the entire process.
- Dale S., Jan., 2015

Sean Dickerson - He made sure that the process is smooth and that helped reduce lot of stress and sleepless nights.
- Srinivasa B., Jan., 2015

Julie and Holly answered every question for me and put me at ease about everything  and at every juncture. Keep up the good work.
- Elizabeth C., Jan., 2015

Sean Dickerson was very pleasant, patient, and professional.
- Sarah H., Jan., 2015

Everyone involved in our Loan refi did a very excellent job of getting this processed as fast and  hassle free to ours and your satisfaction. Anytime I had any questions, I would contact Lisa Tepen and she would get the answers to me either by phone or e-mail. It was a very pleasant experience.
- Rodrick W., Jan., 2015

Doug went the extra mile and was extremely helpful.
- George D., Jan., 2015

Nick Kays was very helpful and communicated well.
- Chad H., Jan., 2015

Both Sean Dickerson and Tracy Jenkins provided "above and beyond" service.
- Shannon W., Jan., 2015

Thank you Todd, this has been the smoothest and most professional banking experience we have had, ever!
- Rick M., Dec., 2014

We just closed on our refinance through First Federal. I appreciate Todd Shaver’s personalized emails, prompt quote and diligent follow up. His follow up is what won me over. He demonstrated his knowledge of the lending process and IMO is a professional in his field. Todd provided personalize service from the start, never a harassing email or a form letter. The entire process went very smooth. Would definitely recommend them!
- Judy S., Sept., 2014

Jeff and I were so pleased with how you and Cindi handled our refinancing.  There was an immediate level of trust.  We will absolutely refer our friends and family.  I completed a survey giving you excellent ratings. [We] can't thank you enough.
- Paula D., Oct., 2014

The experience during our refinance process couldn't have gone any smoother. John Sorenson was our mortgage loan consultant throughout the process. His knowledge and experience became evident quickly when all aspects of the process flowed smoothly. He was upfront from the beginning to the end of the entire process which is not always common these days.

Communication was top notch, he always kept us informed as things progressed and was always available to answer questions. It felt like he was working for our best interest. A+ on customer service. Additionally, the rates and fees offered by FFBKC could not be matched by the five other mortgage companies that I spoke with.
- Steve P., Oct., 2014

Jessica was a pleasure to work with. She was very straightforward with all requirements and when I got anxious about the monthly mortgage payment, she immediately made me at ease. I would work with her again, and I would recommend her to friends who are looking to re-finance.
- Robert G., Oct., 2014

Both Leslie and Cedric made this an amazing experience for a first time home buyer!

I worked with both Leslie Lowry and Cedric Davis. They made this process so easy that at no time was I upset or stressed out regarding the loan process. Leslie was easy to work with and very knowledgeable! I was so impressed with how quickly Cedric Davis responded to emails and questions. Cedric provided a level of attention to my loan that was well above my expectations.
- Denise C., Sept., 2014

Alan Scarpa went above and beyond throughout the entire process. He responded to questions via email or phone within minutes every time. His speed and customer service were the ultimate deciding factors of why we chose First Federal over your competitors. Exceptionally professional and pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
- John R., Sept., 2014

Greg Goss exceeded our expectations. He was very proactive and he found solutions to resolve some issues at closing.
- Fabio M., Sept., 2014

Troy answered my calls at all times of day and night. He sought solutions instead of reasons why this/that wouldn't work. He took charge and got things done!! Cindi Graham also did an outstanding job!!!
- Allen P., Sept., 2014

Doug George is excellent communicator & always showed professionalism!!           
- Robert S., Sept., 2014

Lee McClain was willing to meet after hours at our convenience. He was very thorough and answered all my questions. He was very good about keeping me updated and informed.”
- Stephan C., Sept., 2014

Mike Saunders was terrific as well as Tracey who assisted on this refinance. They both did an excellent job & my wife & I were very pleased.
- Mark S., Sept., 2014

Misty was an absolute pleasure to work with as was every person I had to have any contact with.
- Lisa D., July, 2014

We felt that Ryan went above and beyond. He was always keeping me informed every step of the way and kept me very positive the entire time. He told me that it would close quickly and it did - even faster than I thought was even possible. This allowed me to now pay down on some of my other debts and has truly allowed me to sleep well now. Ryan was assisted by Cindi Graham, and as a team, I could not have asked for a better experience. I would not hesitate to recommend First Federal or use First Federal again in the future - phenomenal service!!!
- Steve & Jaynie D., July, 2014

Thank you and your staff for all your help and being so diligent.  The attorney who handled our closing even told our realtor that he should always use you guys for VA loans, because he said it went smoother than he has ever seen before for a VA loan. Thanks so much for everything and if we purchase additional properties in the future we would be happy to call on you again.
- Jessica G., July, 2014

I am a licensed real estate broker in North Carolina having worked with many buyers and lenders. I purchased my retirement home in Kansas and was referred to First Federal in Kansas City through Lending Tree. I received a call and email from Sean Dickerson. He wasn't over the top trying to sell me his loan options, but rather discussed the options with me and let me make the decision on what I wanted. He treated me as though he was working with his family. He immediately earned my respect and was able to get me a fabulous rate on my loan. He was quick to respond via email and phone to my questions, and followed up with me quickly if he wasn't able to answer. I would recommend First Federal to anyone looking to secure a home mortgage. He and his company are first class.
- Bill M., July, 2014

John Sorensen did an outstanding job from start to finish.  Extremely thoroughly, friendly and prompt.  John went out of his way to connect with me after hours on his personal cell phone to ensure I had all my questions answered prior to closing.  Truly an exceptional job!

I strongly advise giving John an opportunity for greater responsbility at the earliest opportunity. He should be mentoring and developing other consultants.
- David G., July, 2014

Cord Zucht and Jaclyn Kendall went above and beyond to make this process as streamlined and easy as possible.
- James C., July, 2014

As a first-time buyer, this was my first jump into this world (though I've worked in other aspects of finance before). Everyone I had contact with was very helpful and seemed to work smoothly as a team. It was a good experience for me.
- Kathy G., July, 2014

Sean Dickerson was awesome to work with. The title company even complimented his work on our behalf.
- Fareeda W., July, 2014

Troy Rardin helped me with my new home purchase. He has also helped with one or two refis in the past. Excellent loan agent.
- Susan L., July, 2014

Julie Jones provided great service for me and did a great job for her bank.
- Dale L., July, 2014

Sean was absolutely amazing. I purchased my first home, and am so happy that I was sent to him (one of 3 suggested by my realtor). I had absolutely ZERO knowledge of the home-buying process, and Sean would often spend an hour on the phone explaining every minute detail to me--which was very much appreciated. He will probably be the only person I go to for financing--even if I have to track him down! He was single-handedly the most helpful person to me when buying my house.
- Jaime D., June, 2014


Normally I would not write a memo taking the time to indicate my appreciation for a loan officer, but in this case I would very much would like to recommend Sean Dickerson.  Without his professional conduct in the way he communicated and his always willingness to help I would have not gotten a loan from your company.... He won the customer award by far.  So I will highly recommend him to my friends and constituents.
- John W., June, 2014

Rosie and I would like to thank you for all of your hard work in helping us buy our first home. I dont know how we would have made it through this process without you. I am so glad that we worked together during this time. You were awesome. Thank you for everything you did on our behalf with working with everyone to get things completed. We really appreciate everything.
We are looking forward to the next step in getting to enjoy our new home. You helped to make this possible for us. Great job!!! Your clients are lucky to have you working on their team because you truly help to make this process easier!
- "Coach" W., June, 2014


My wife and would like to thank you for once again helping us with our mortgage.  The rate is excellent and we are extremely satisfied with you and your team at First Federal.
- Robert N., June, 2014


Simply the best! Just tell Prospective clients that that we absolutely recommend the personable,simplified, and concise mortgage process provided by First Federal Bank. We feel so much better having worked with First Federal Bank!
- Maggie J., June, 2014

Both Doug George and Cedric Davis were exceptional to work with.
- Alan J., June, 2014

Nick Kays. We hit a few speed bumps but Nick handled them like a pro. He stayed late and went the extra mile to see to it that we closed and funded on our closing date.
- Sean P., June, 2014

Troy Rardin and Kim Massey were always available to discuss any part of the process of getting my VA Loan. They took the time to explain the process and respond to any request for updates. Even though the requests were quite frequent. They did not make me feel like I was just another file that needed to be processed, but a valued customer.
- Kyle M., June, 2014

Of all the lenders, Mike Williams was the only one that did not blow up my phone and "push" a product on me. Mike explained it once, and that was it. The other lenders, called every day and became a nuisance. They seemed more like "pushy car salesmen." Mike explained it once, he let me make the decision, and made himself available.
- Harold E., June, 2014

Thank you once again! I just completed a review for Lending Tree, but wanted to let you know personally how much I appreciate all your help over the past months. I felt that you gave me all the help and attention I needed throughout the process, and I really enjoyed working with you. I will definitely recommend you to anyone and will be in touch myself in the future!
- Linda F., May, 2014

Sean was absolutely amazing. I purchased my first home, and am so happy that I was sent to him (one of 3 suggested by my realtor). I had absolutely ZERO knowledge of the home-buying process, and Sean would often spend an hour on the phone explaining every minute detail to me--which was very much appreciated. He will probably be the only person I go to for financing--even if I have to track him down! He was single-handedly the most helpful person to me when buying my house.
- Jaime D., May, 2014

Leslie was very helpful and I really felt like she went above and beyond for me.
- Tasha M., April, 2014

Great job - I wouldn't have known about the VA option without your help - will save me about $25,000 over the next ten years.
- John Z., April, 2014

Ryan Caldwell was excellent throughout the whole process. Extremely responsive & accessible. Despite some minor hiccups, he kept the process moving to its final conclusion - we closed in 3 1/2 weeks.
- Bernard T., April, 2014

Rusty Tucker and his closing partner were exceptional in their communication and details
- Perry T., April, 2014

Rodney and Cedric made this fast and easy.
- Richard K., April, 2014

We had a lot of ups and downs through out our home shopping process. Todd Shaver was very professional and encouraging. He made the lending process pretty smooth.
- Andra H., April, 2014

Todd was outstanding and made sure everything moved quickly, due to a short closing. He made sure we were well taken care of.
- Chris U., April, 2014

John was exceptional, and his staff/team were all incredibly easy to work with. This was the second home that we purchased in the last two years and John was able to not only make this an easy process, but he saved us about $60,000 over what another lender wanted for the same loan.
- James D., April, 2014

Both Cord Zucht and Kim Massey. This was our second attempt to refi. They both made a difficult situation easy to deal with.
- Dean W., April, 2014

It was a pleasure doing business with you as well and my wife and I are satisfied with you and the others involved. You were very professional and upfront but did it in a way that made us feel comfortable. Sometimes people in your line of work can come across as stiff or fake but you did not. I also appreciated the calls before and after the closing as well as it is a little nerve racking to go through such things. Thank you.

If or when we hear of someone needing your type of service you can count on us to pass your name and number to them.
- Larry V., April, 2014

Today's world is so different, it's hard to know who you can trust. We had done two loans with a [different lender] 12 years ago. One was a construction loan, and the other was a new loan to cover the construction loan. He really did treat us good at that time.

I am so fortunate that I found you and that you were willing to work with me even after I decided not to go with you the first time. It really shows me the character of you and your company.

Best wishes to you all,    Thank You
- Carl W., January, 2014

Our specialist Steve Jarboe was professional went above and beyond yoke sure our loan was closed before Christmas for a super important event we had planned.  He was extremely knowledgable as well as professional.  I would certainly recommend him anytime.  Thanks Steve!  You made our year!
- Gordon R., December, 2013

Steve Jarboe was very professional and helpful throughout the whole process. As a first time home buyer, there were lots of questions and was very patient and understanding.
- Hui P., December, 2013

Steve was super... helpful, courteous, friendly, knowledgable and kept us well-informed. He walked with us every step of the way and made everything go very smoothly. 
- Don G., December, 2013

I want you to know how much I enjoyed working with the two of you.  You were both outstanding and did a great job for my clients. Thank you so much for your prompt efficient attention to every detail.  I just received the HUD on this property.  It is almost unheard of to get a VA loan to closing in three weeks!
- Mary R., REALTOR, November, 2013

Troy and Tracy exceeded our expectation in closing the loan. We started the process on 3 Sep 2013 and closed on 30 Sep 2013. This was a VA loan which requires additional federal government documentation. Troy and Tracy regularly communicated and provided updates. As a first time home buyer, these two super heroes made the entire experience a huge homerun. The wife and I love our new home. Our heart felt thanks to Troy, Tracy, and the First Federal team. Way to go!!!
- Seth H., September, 2013

Todd was professional and timely. He quickly responded when I had questions or needed clarification on the mortgage process. The whole process went extremely smooth and was able to close on the target date, despite being over 1,000 miles away. My REALTOR and the title company had the same experience that I had and told me at closing that it truly was a pleasure to work with Todd. I echo those sentiments and would not hesitate to go back to Todd for any further mortgage needs and would highly recommend him to any family or friends.
- Jamie S., August, 2013

[This was] my 5th refinance, and it was easily the best experience I have ever had.
- Scott B., June, 2013

Todd was always available, returned my calls promptly, and answered and resolved my questions/issues quickly and professionally.
- John C., June, 2013

I would like to take a few moments to express my appreciation for your courtesy and professionalism throughout the mortgage refinance process.  Your attention to detail, willingness to address all of my questions, and outstanding responsiveness allowed me to complete the refinance with minimal effort and limited time away from my already busy schedule.  There were zero glitches along the way and everything was handled with the highest level of attention to detail. You are number one on my list for anyone needing assistance with their mortgage or a refinance.
- John D., March, 2013

This is actually our 3rd time dealing with First Federal Bank and Alan White. [Truly] professional in every way. None better.
- Terry K., February, 2013

We came to First Federal Bank because of our past experiences and trust with Rick Monley. Rick, Joanna, Erin and Kim were top notch. We are real estate professionals and plan to refer others to your team.
- Larry W., February, 2013

Nick is a great asset to your business, He explained everything in easy to understand language. At first I was very hesitant to refinance my loan due to the whole thing being a pain, But Nick made it very easy and quick, all the paperwork was done through e-mail/fax they even came to the house for the signing and we were done in less than a month, even with the blizzards that hit Kansas City! Thanks for all your help I will recommend you to all my friends that want to finance/refinance.
- Ken S., February, 2013

Jim Scott followed up and kept us informed. We will definitely work with Jim again and will refer him to friends and family. He was a pleasure to work with. A real professional!
- Roger S., February, 2013

I would recommend Scott and First Federal Bank to all my friends and family for sure!
- Michael S., February, 2013

I was highly impressed with Tim Brown and others at First Federal Bank. When I first sought quotes on refinancing our loan we were currently experiencing an unfortunate situation with a mortgage broker at a different firm that hadn't closed the loan after 4 1/2 months. Tim walked me through our options to deal with the issue. His expertise and no pressure sales tactics were refreshing and we used his advice to favorably resolve those issues. When we sought new refinance quotes, another broker quoted us a little bit lower rate. However I felt that Tim had earned our trust and business. We closed our loan within the timeframe that Tim told us FFB would close our loan by. I will definitely recommend Tim to others and also contact him to quote on any future loan needs we may have.
- Jason S., February, 2013

Both John Sorensen and Angie Napier were very Professional, Responsive and honestly took a personal interest in getting the loan completed with the least complications.
- Bill L., November, 2012

Scot Johansen is knowledgeable, professional, great to work with.
- Jeff W., October, 2012

Eddie Brann and Donna Hill have always exceeded the expectations typical of any professional business I deal with.  I have come to trust them completely and know to expect exceptional professionalism and knowledge in all my dealings with them.  We had our house construction loan and have refinanced three times with them.  As long as the rates are competitive, there is no reason for me to look anywhere else.
- Simon V., October, 2012

Eddie Brann's entire team was a pleasure to work with.
- Roger C., August, 2012

All involved were very helpful. Phone calls were always answered.....never had to leave a voice mail.
- Joe M., August, 2012

Troy Rardin went above and beyond.  This was my second experience with a mortgage finance process. Based on my first experience with a top 5 bank, I was dreading the prospect of another round of documentation hell when I initiated the loan refinance process with you. You and your team changed this nightmare into a fairy tale. The whole process was a breeze and I appreciate your work effort to explain everything to me in tedious detail.  I appreciate you going the extra mile to make the whole experience worth its while. I would be happy to recommend your bank and specifically yourself to any of my friends and family looking for financing options.
- Nitin K., August, 2012

My loan officer was a tremendous help. We actually talked to another lending company which was a horrible experience and we almost gave up but our loan officer did an amazing job and we now are in our first home because of her.
- Justin S., May, 2012

Our loan officer was great to work with and made the process really simple.
- Ryan D., May, 2012

Everyone I talked to was very helpful, going out of their way to get the transaction completed.
- Marian C., May, 2012

My loan officer was always very prompt and easy to work with.
- Kerry T., May, 2012

My loan officer was very responsive to ensure I closed on time.  My loan processor was thorough to ensure I could get the papers where I needed to sign them.
- Pam J., May, 2012

My Loan Officer was wonderful!
- Cassi B., April, 2012

My Loan Officer was really on top of the loan. Called us back promptly when there were issues, frequently called to check in on whether our closing was moving forward, and was generally very responsive. 
- Josh D., April, 2012

My loan officer and processor were great to work with. They probably got tired of me dragging my feet. Also, the staff at the Blue Ridge branch was great. They did a lot of inter-office mailing for me. I appreciated it.
- Mark B., April, 2012

Our loan officer and the loan processor were great to work with.
- Michael M., March, 2012

The people I worked with were very helpful and answered all of our questions - above and beyond. I'd recommend them to anyone who is looking for a house.
- Tyson H., March, 2012

I thought our Loan Officer did an outstanding job of providing my wife and I service throughout the loan process. Everything was stress-free on our end thanks to his efforts.
- Anthony Z., March, 2012

My loan officer is absolutely great!
- Igor P., January, 2012

Both Ryan and Cedric were great to work with. They were attentive and accessible throughout the entire process - THANKS GUYS !!!
- Candice B., January, 2012

Eddie Brann was a pleasure to work with. Eddie understood my desire to "cut to the chase" and do a simple re-finance. Eddie bent over backwards to accommodate, was professional, helpful and communicated well. Wish all transactions could go this smoothly.
- David M., January, 2012

John Sorenson was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, concerned and gracious. Your company is fortunate to have such an employee!
- Evan G., January, 2012

I am a loan officer for another bank,so I am very aware of what [my loan officer] did for me.. Near the end of the process I changing loan program with him and he showed great patience with any and all things I threw his way. He is a great asset to your bank.
- Donald C., January, 2012

The whole team we worked with did very well.
- Andy T., December, 2011

My loan officer rocks!...Without Leslie, we wouldn't own a home.
- Krystal W., September, 2011

My loan officer was very knowledgeable, and was good about answering questions.
- Michael C., September, 2011

My loan officer was so wonderful to work with.
- Linda T., August, 2011

We were extremely satisfied with our Loan Officer.  He was very helpful every step of the way and made the process so simple.  We really appreciate how he handled our loan.
- Mark R., July, 2011

Keep up the great customer service and upbeat personalities!  ... Other banks could learn something here!
- Don O., June, 2011

Our new home loan process with First Federal was far better than any others that we have ever experienced. I cannot think of a single thing that could be improved upon.
- Pat C., June, 2011

I selected First Federal Bank / Churchill via Dave Ramsey, as a trusted lender of integrity.
- John O., April, 2011

After four mortgages on different properties, our Loan Officer at First Federal Bank was the best we have ever worked with.
- Brent S., February, 2011


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