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Home Builders


First Federal Bank of Kansas City has been a leader in new home construction financing for more than 50 years.  We have a reputation for providing innovative, reliable and affordable financing solutions that help builders sell more homes and increase profits.

Today we are proud to support Kansas City area home builders with our unique Construction Plus Financing solution, which has many advantages over other construction financing methods:

  • No Builder Financing Required - No need to secure construction financing or tap into your existing credit lines
  • Increase Your Profit Margin - No closing costs & no interest carry gives you an instant price advantage over your competition
  • Peace of Mind - The loan is in the home buyer's name and closing takes place before construction begins, so the home will never become an unwanted spec in inventory
  • Name the Price & Get to Work - First Federal Bank pays all invoices and keeps costs confidential.  This gives you the freedom to build with no "second guessing."

Ready to learn more?  Contact Les Peterson or Rick Monley today to see how Construction Plus financing benefits you and your home buyers!

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